Story tellers with cameras and pencils.

Kyle Harter

Post Supervisor

Story, style, and sweat sums up Kyle’s approach to post-production in a nutshell. Always yearning to hone the craft, his passion for storytelling is rooted in a cohesive foundation of design, purpose, and what he can learn next. Skilled in all the major NLE’s Kyle has spent years editing documentary and narrative films. He is the final touch any director would want to see a project through to its end.  Kyle hopes to be buried with his MacBook Pro, a damn good burrito, and some fine espresso.

Steven Jon


When it comes to leading a group of people to accomplish more than they could have dreamed of, there is no one more committed to that task than Steven Jon. As a lifelong director, entrepreneur, and friend, Steven’s goal is to build and lead teams of people he loves to produce film at the highest level. With years of experience working with talent from actors to Grammy winning artists, Steven is the leader every film wishes it had.

Kait Cartmell

Production Designer

With a foundation in Graphic Design and Architecture, Kait brings a fresh perspective to Production Design and Art Direction. Her skill and eye for what a project needs has been an invaluable asset for every director she has worked with. When you combine Kait’s undeniable design expertise with her blend of realism, function, and fun, she is the artistic palette that brings to life every film she touches.

Jacob Matthew


From conception to product, Jake has spent years leading teams towards the actualization of an idea. When working with directors and producers, he is the person who pushes a project forward and gives it the life it needs to become successful. At his core, however, Jake is simply a creative leader who firmly believes that there is nothing in this world more important than people. He has dedicated his life to maximizing those around him to become the healthiest, most creative, and funnest versions of themselves.

Eddie has been Blessed & Honored to work with many of the "Best of the Best" in all fields of all industry. He has made lifelong friendships and contacts so he may continue his calling to connect & help others. Eddie has been working in television since 1981, AND has been the stage manager for "Good Morning America" for over 30 years! In addition to stage managing, his career has included producing, directing and composing music for television. He is experienced in both live and taped programming...studio and on location shoots, utilizing single and multiple camera techniques. Eddie has worked in all genres of Network, Local & Cable TV including: Entertainment, Variety, Music, Fashion, Soaps, Industrials, News, Special Events, Talk, Magazines, Sports, Medical, Health, Fitness, Wildlife & Domestic Animal segments, and Children's Shows including Sesame Street & Romper Room. His experience, professionalism, motivation & personality will only bring A-Quality results to your project.

Eddie Luisi




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