Singer, Songwriter Jenny Florinicia talks about the impetus behind this performance of “Keep Your Heart Young”.
What drew you to cover “Keep Your Heart Young”?

Jenny Florinicia: The world ages us enough; in order to stay young and have a youthful mindset, we must put forth conscious effort. This song is an important reminder to do just that. I have long admired the gut-wrenching truth Brandi Carlile puts into her songs. By covering this song of hers, I want to sing this message to the people in my life to not let you heart grow too cold or too serious, but rather to pause and make sure that you are actually enjoying your life! Not everything is as serious as it seems.

Talk about how you reconnect with that energy of youth.

JF: By being silly, laughing, talking in funny voices, having a good sense of humor about things, never taking myself too seriously, and singing and dancing daily. I try to make anything and everything I'm doing as enjoyable as it can possibly be, even things like chores and mundane tasks. I also work with kids in the performing arts; I encourage all my students to engage with their imaginations and work on material that they are passionate about. Being around kids on a regular basis (even if it is just through a screen) reminds me to be gentle with myself and others as I am with them.

What experience do you hope viewers will have when viewing this performance.

JF: I hope this cover video will remind viewers/listeners to lighten and soften up areas of their lives they may have inadvertently hardened. There's a difference between being stuck in your childhood and engaging with it in a healthy way. Continuous personal growth is very important, and I think a huge part of maturing is making sure not to abandon your inner child. I hope this video creates a space for viewers to encounter and love on their inner child.

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Music & lyrics by Brandi Carlile
Performed by Jenny Florinicia & Johnnez Pantanilla
Directed & Filmed by Steven Jon
Mixed by Jesse Kennedy
Filmed at Bootless Stageworks