Like a black and white photo, the songs on Light Vol 1 evoke a mood that is at once dream-like and precise; a knife-edge lyric causing you to get lost in the ocean of your own experience. The swift passage of time, the roaring chasm of the unknown, that elusive glimmer of redemption; all things that we experience and attempt to quiet in our own minds, are explored here with a sincerity and transparency uncommon in contemporary music.

Using the sparest of settings, songwriter, Ben O’Neill (vocal, guitar), and upright bassist Shane Aaserud, make every note audible and every exploration of consequence. Woven into the sweet and haunting melodies, nuances of harmony and rhythm create a complex tapestry that calls the ear back again and again.

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Light Vol 1 is a collaborative effort with art label, Oh Yeah Cool, and available in a limited edition vinyl pressing, with a 32 page photo zine/liner note visual companion, and exclusive 30 minute performance video. All proceeds from sales will go to Broad Street Ministry, a progressive faith organization that works tirelessly to serve the needs of Philadelphia’s most vulnerable people.

Ben O’Neill is a GRAMMY nominated artist who has made a career as a sideman with John Legend, Jill Scott, Common and many others. He has performed on 6 continents, in 35 countries, on countless TV shows and has created a diverse body of work that exhibits a unique breadth of interest and skill.

About the Artwork:  The artwork of Light Vol 1 looks at the archetypal themes of the music through a surreal archival lens. A myriad of curated images and videos will serve as a visual prelude to the EP’s release. These include a music video for After All, a live performance video, and a series of Visualizers featuring images inspired by the music from photographers Kaitlyn Stoddard, Steven Jon, Carolyn Lederach, and Bailey Rapp. The EP will be followed by a short documentary that explores the thoughts, emotions, and actions which coalesced into Light Vol. 1.

This music is the result of years of traveling, reading, learning and cultivating and is ready to be harvested, brought to the table and shared with you. - Ben O'Neill