“Oh The Hours” ~ What if we could pause the bustle of life for just long enough to witness time passing us by? What would we notice about our place in this day, or season, or life?

These are the questions asked by Ben O’Neill’s newest single, "Oh, The Hours". In a conscious effort to mirror the ebb and flow of life, Ben juxtaposes a sweet melody with a harmonic palette that stretches into dissonance. The prepared guitar offers a backdrop, both familiar and obscure, for the piercing lyrics which were drawn from the classic wisdom found in the Stoic philosophers, The Sermon on the Mount and Ecclesiastes.

A song can serve many purposes: dancing, delight, distraction. "Oh, The Hours" asks us to dig a little deeper, pause for a breath of acknowledgment, and move forward with intention.

**WATCH Tiny Desk Music Video for “Oh, The Hours”  —-- >  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjoWELqkjhM

**LISTEN to “Oh, The Hours”on Bandcamp ——— > https://benoneill.bandcamp.com/track/oh-the-hours

**LISTEN to “Oh The Hours” on Spotify ————> https://open.spotify.com/track/5uAuyDGq6Bftf9ngYInMLr?si=06e1562617ae45fe

Single Artwork ~ Featuring photographs by Bailey Rapp, the cover of “Oh, The Hours” takes a wide look at the influence of time on untouched sanctuaries of nature. The drip of melting snow, branches extending to the sky, and fleeting spectacles in the night sky each speak to the grand hanges or subtle shifts experienced within minutes, years, and centuries. These environments are perhaps similar to those encountered by the ancients whose writings inspired the song.

Artwork Design: Steven Jon  www.stevenjon.art

Photography: Bailey Rapp  www.instagram.com/bailey.rapp/