The “On My Side” EP tells the story of how Jenny and her partner SJ became the Florinicias, a name they created for themselves. The introductory track “Move In?” spins us into the romantic fairytale flurry that new love so often brings. “In the Water” floods us into the passion and urgency of growing intimately close with someone. The honeymoon phase ends in “On My Side” as conflict, teamwork, and forgiveness take its place. “River of Souls” floats us along a spiritual journey as the lovers contemplate the immortality of themselves and one another, making a pact.

The “On My Side” EP is singer/songwriter Jenny Florinicia’s sophomore release. Her debut single “Higher Self” came out in October 2020 and its first remix by Minneapolis DJ & producer Theølogy in December 2021.


Production began for “On My Side” in autumn 2019. Jenny recorded as much as she could in-person before March 2020, then finished the rest through remote collaboration. Philadelphia sound engineers Tyler McClure, Paul Marchesani, and Jesse Kennedy wove together the sonic tapestry of the story. The album features musicians Johnnez Pantanilla, Reece Ratliff, Kaylee Lashbrook, Griffin Harrison, Brandon Essig, and Andrew Scott and co-writers John McDermott, Robert Foster, and SJ Florinicia.

“On My Side” Album Artwork by Margaret Terzieva

Margaret Terzieva's (UArts Graphic Design '16) charming and comforting style of illustration was the perfect fit for songs about love, through both its cozy and seemingly intergalactic moments. Jenny and Margaret, both daughters of immigrants, connected quickly over feeling like aliens at an American art school in their days as college roommates.

Jenny Florinicia writes soulful, whimsical indie pop and folk. She's inspired by the sounds of Metro Detroit where she grew up, as well as cheeky Canadian alt rock and indie influences from across the Ambassador Bridge. She studied musical theatre at the University of the Arts in Philly, where she fell in love with the grit and motion of the East Coast. Sheila in Hair: The American Tribal Love Rock Musical at Woodbury Sketch Club Players in 2016 was her favorite musical theatre role, as well as the one most influential to her life and creative process. She writes and produces all of her own music. Jenny teaches voice, songwriting, piano, and guitar at Rockdale Music in Aston, PA owned by Jared Loss of the bands Cosmic Guilt, The Real Feel, and Scantron.







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